Citizenship award 2006: Wannes Van de Velde and The Dardenne Brothers

2006: Wannes Van de Velde, singer, writer and visual artist and director duo Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. (download pdf Laureates 2006)

Wannes Van de Velde

Flemish folk singer and artistic jack-of-all-trades, is a strongly committed artist with an ardent aversion to war and militarism and an authentic Interest in other cultures. Averse to any commercial and political pressures, he systematically and unreservedly advocated an open, democratic and friendly society over the past decades.
Wannes Van de Velde won several awards and was celebrated in his city of Antwerp in 2005, for his lifelong merits and efforts for popular culture. He was also nominated by the Flemish Commission as a candidate laureate for the 2005 UNESCO World Heritage Music Prize. He recently gave a noted performance at the 0110 concerts in Antwerp.

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

The documentary makers and directors from Seraing, are on a par with British conscientious filmmakers such as Ken Loach and Paul Greengrass when it comes to social-realist cinema. With the film "Rosetta", they won the Golden Palm at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival in 1999. In 2005, they won this award again with their film "L'Enfant". Their oeuvre proves that a rock-solid story and ditto performances do not need moody music, lyrical camerawork or false sentimental manipulation. Each film excels in sobriety and is thought-provoking about human nature and the dehumanising effect of metropolitan impoverishment. 

(download pdf Laureates 2006 in french or dutch)

31 December 2006

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