Citizenship award 2014: Reinhilde Decleir en Ho Chul Chantraine

In 2014, the Citizenship Award went to two individuals who are daily active in providing opportunities for full social participation to socially vulnerable groups: Reinhilde Decleir, inspirer of Tutti Fratelli and actress, and Ho Chul Chantraine, founder of Agricovert, a cooperative society with a social purpose dedicated to organic farmers

Reinhilde Decleir

Reinhilde Decleir is a Flemish actress and director and the beating heart of the social artistic theatre company "Tutti Fratelli".

She received her acting training at the Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp. In the theatre, she performed with the Blauwe Maandag Compagnie, the Internationale Nieuwe Scène, Het Toneelhuis and Theater Antigone, among others, and on television in "Van vlees en bloed", "De ronde" and "Loslopend wild". She founded the socio-artistic workshop Tutti Fratelli in 2007, which makes high-quality theatre with a very diverse, highly vulnerable group of people. For her work with Tuti Fratelli, she received the 2011 Louis Paul Boon Prize. This prize is awarded to an artist who excels in social commitment and puts his connection with people centre stage.

Ho Chul Chantraine

Ho Chul Chantraine is an agricultural engineer and managing director at AgricoVert, a cooperative with a social purpose.

After his training in Gembloux, Ho Chul went to work at the Jamioulx prison, where he devoted himself to the probation of prisoners (Avanti asbl). In 2009, he became responsible for training at CRABE (Jodoigne), a non-profit organisation active in local development. He develops internships for low-skilled jobseekers who want to work in nature or as organic vegetable growers. In 2011, he founded AgricoVert, a socially-oriented cooperative of producers and active consumers offering local and seasonal agricultural products. The aim of the AgricoVert project is to revalorise the farming profession, create new jobs or farms and provide jobs for the low-skilled or unemployed.

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20 November 2014

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