How do I see my world in 2030?

Let young people have their say and find out what they think of the future !

This is the objective of the "How do I see my universe in 2030 ?" project, launched in January 2010 by the P&V Foundation. Young people who are today aged between 16 and 26 will be between 36 and 46 in 2030; what are their projects, their fears, their hopes, their ideas for our world, and what are their personal aspirations ?

About a hundred visions of 2030 have been published on the website

Express your vision of the future and it may just become a work of art. 
With this message, from 20 January to 30 April 2010, the P&V Foundation invited young people aged between 16 and 26, individually or as a group, to describe their vision of the world in 2030, in the form of a brief script or synopsis (written, audio or visual). About a hundred visions of the world in 2030 have been published on the project's website:

Two artistic productions using prizewinning synopses

On 26 May 2010, a jury made up of youth organisation leaders, chaired by Mark Elchardus, chairman of the P&V Foundation, selected the two prizewinning synopses (one in French, one in Dutch) which were used as a source of inspiration by two sizeable artistic productions. They were produced by young people accompanied by professional technicians and artists, and were broadcasted in 2012.

"To Get Earth" in Liège

The utopian vision of a harmonious mix of cultures described by Sylvain Camillieri in "la Belgindonésie" was taken in hand by the Ateliers d'Art Contemporain in Liège.

Virginie Pierre, commissioner of the exhibition, called on several artists: plastic artists Bahar Topçu and Cloé Bauret, graphic-video artist Mike Latona, puppeteer and actor Laurent Steppé, musician Xavier Gazon "Playboy's Bend", graphic-video artist Mike Latona, puppeteer and actor Laurent Steppé, musician Xavier Gazon "Playboy's Bend", plastic artist and pianist Macha Wazelle, the designer Dominique Lombardo, and so on. All these people accompanied several groups of young people from Liège (from the Institut Don Bosco, the Institut Saint-Luc, the Collectif d'alphabétisation, the jeudghouse and so on) in the creation of an artistic and sensory trail full of images, smells, sounds and tastes in the centre of Liège (Place St Lambert, archéoforum, galleries and shopping streets ...).

The grand final event took place on 14 January 2012.

FutureFormers in Limburg

Genk, Hasselt, Sint-Truiden, Overpelt and Beringen considered the themes (relaxation, social ties, living conditions, health, education) from "Even bijkletsen", Eef Briers' scenario. Several youth organisations were given the opportunity to shape their visions of the future.

Together with Social Spaces, Z33, Studio Lobo, FLACC and Villa Basta, the non-profit association eeland drew on artist Thomas Lommée's "Open Structure" concept to give 5 artists and youth organisations the chance to become "Future Formers".

Within this framework, Daan Gielis and the skaters of Genk designed the skate track of the future: agile and modular. Aifoon and the youth centre of Beringen made recordings of sounds from the future. Gert de Clercq worked with the youngsters of PIKOH from Hasselt, Karl Philips with youngsters from Sint-Truiden and Peter Westenberg with youngsters from Overpelt. All the realisations were brought together in a three-wheeled Vespa, which travelled around the cities and during events to spread the message of the young people. 
On 5 May 2012, the 5 artworks were united into one "gesamtkunstwerk". This festive apotheosis took place on the Colonel Dussartplein in Hasselt. 

24 May 2012

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