Feeling You(th). Phase II: Call for Projects

The P&V Foundation supports your efforts to promote the mental health of young people! Interested in contributing to this vital cause? By submitting your application, you could receive financial and human support. The deadline for submitting project proposals is Friday, September 27, 2024.

Meanwhile, join us in Brussels on September 18, 2024, to be inspired and informed about youth mental health. Meet researchers and engaged young people.

A troubling picture of youth mental health

Mental health is crucial at every stage of life, particularly during childhood. However, in recent years, we have observed a concerning situation regarding the mental health of young Belgians. Life satisfaction and self-reported health among adolescents have been declining since 2018, while health complaints such as sleep problems, back or headaches, and depressive feelings have been increasing since 2014 (see Health Behaviour in School-aged Children, 2021-22).

Young people face various challenges, from performance pressure, social expectations, discrimination, the role of social media to the climate crisis. Early intervention (especially during adolescence and critical phases) and supportive, caring environments are crucial for their development. Schools play an important role, but family, peer groups, and the wider community also play key roles.

Research results

Our call for projects builds on the first phase of our Feeling You(th) project, involving research and a reflection between researchers and young people on youth mental health. Discover the full results of this research in this note (dowload the PDF), as well as an overview through the visual below (click here to view it larger and in English).

Call for projects

As part of the "Feeling You(th)" call, the P&V Foundation is seeking:

  1. Actions that promote protective factors for youth mental health,
  2. Initiatives that reduce risk factors for mental health problems in youth, and/or
  3. Ways to detect early symptoms of distress in young people and intervene at an early stage.

You will find all the necessary resources below:

  1. Comprehensive explanation and practical information (full version)
  2. Explanation (summary in visual form)
  3. Practical information in French or in Dutch (summary in visual form)
  4. Regulations in French or in Dutch
  5. Application form in French or in Dutch (Warning: only French or Dutch application forms will be accepted!)

The deadline for submitting a project proposal is September 27, 2024.

What do we offer?

  1. Grants ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 euros for project implementation.
  2. Selected projects are evaluated by a jury composed of young people and researchers.
  3. Contribution and visit from the jury of young people and researchers.
  4. Advice and coaching by colleagues from the P&V Foundation and the P&V Group on organizational operations, such as communication strategy, GDPR, networking, ... (if desired).
  5. Peer learning (community with other winning projects).
  6. Communication and dissemination of the project in the media and within the networks of the P&V Foundation.
  7. Possible assistance and additional funding for organizing a civic crowdfunding campaign via Growfunding (if desired and if it aligns with the project supported by the P&V Foundation).

« Mental state of the youth »
Inspiration event on September 18, 2024

Hesitant before submitting your application? Interested in learning more about youth mental health? Or eager to meet other stakeholders committed to this issue?

Join us on September 18, 2024, in Brussels to meet researchers and engaged young people during an inspirational and informative event. More information to follow.

Interested? Please pre-register via this form to stay informed of the latest updates.

26 June 2024

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